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What is a Zero-Gauss chamber ?

Our Zero-Gauss chambers have been widely used in Research and private companies. Zero-Gauss chambers have been especially designed to attenuate external magnetic fields (static and low frequency <1kHz) from 1,000 to 1,500 times. It can protect sensitive captors against external magnetic fields (i.e. Gaussmeter). Zero-Gauss chamber are made of several cylinders of high magnetic permeability materials (Mumetal).

Our models

Our most common Zero-Gauss chambers are made of three layers of Mumetal 1,0mm thick and one layer of Pure iron of 2,0mm thick. Most of the attenuation factor is linked to Mumetal layers which present excellent magnetic permeability for medium and low magnetic fields (i.e. earth magnetic field). Pure iron can be used to protect Mumetal internal layers against medium and high magnetic fields.

Design considerations

Attenuation factor is inversely proportional to inside chamber diameter. For that reason, we recommend to select inside chamber diameter as small as possible. Inside length should be two to three times longer than the inside diameter in order to offer the most optimized workable space. Mumetal wall thickness is typically 1,0mm but can be increased to 1,5mm or 2,0mm for larger inside diameter in order to increase the attenuation factor.

We also conceive customized Zero-Gaus chambers based on your dimensional and practical needs (access holes and openings)