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Precision and Innovation, Our vision.

Business winner award TP’up 2018

Precision Sheet Metal

Manufacturing protypes and series of fine sheet metal pieces. High quality : tolerances, complexity, finishing, cost and tight leadtime. Our materials: stainless steels, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, mild steel, pure iron, and many ferromagnetic alloys (mumetal) and a wide range of materials used in Research.

Ateliers Soudupin is composed of a team of engineers and highly qualified technicians who support you in your projects. Do not hesitate and contact us.


Magnetic Shielding

As an expert in magnetic shielding since 1970, Ateliers Soudupin will provide you the solution to your magnetic interference problem. We propose a large choice of ferromagnetic alloys (Mumetal®, Cryophy®), pure iron, silicon iron for low frequency application but also copper and aluminum for radiofrequency applicaton.

We propose two solutions, manufacturing based on your drawings or assisting you in your design. Any questions, please contact us.

Designer and manufacturer of magnetic shielded room

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