Our commitments

Development and Innovation

Soudupin has been awarded a prize by the Paris Region in 2023 for its contribution to innovation, economic development and job creation in the region. It also supports our development plan to expand our current machine park and develop new skills.

Quality – Customer satisfaction

For over sixty years, Soudupin has specialized in the design and manufacture of magnetic shielding and fine sheet metal products for leading-edge sectors such as aerospace and research. With our production workshop and design office, we can meet the needs of our customers in France and abroad.

Aware that we are evolving in an increasingly competitive world with growing demands from interested parties, we set ourselves the essential mission of meeting our customers’ requirements with a view to increasing their satisfaction.

In order to accomplish this mission effectively, we have set up a certified quality management system that complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Obtaining and maintaining this system is a way of affirming our reputation and the mastery of our products and services.

This system takes into account the processes necessary for its operation and their interactions, with a view to promoting a culture of quality within our company and satisfying applicable customer, regulatory and legal requirements at all levels.perspective de la promotion d’une culture de qualité au sein de notre entreprise et la satisfaction, à tous les niveaux de la société, des exigences applicables, celle des clients et réglementaires et légales.

This is based primarily on :

  • Constantly striving for customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of employee skills
  • Innovative, high-performance production equipment
  • Dealing with malfunctions to make any necessary improvements to our system.

Each year, we define objectives aimed at improving our processes, and we monitor the results obtained through the implementation of indicators and targets, with the primary aim of ensuring the quality of the products and services we offer our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In 2023, Soudupin was awarded the UIMM (Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie) CSR Commitment Charter, demonstrating our strong commitment to CSR. This charter is the culmination of many years of action by Soudupin, and highlights our strong commitments.

Social Commitments :

Several times a year, Soudupin welcomes trainees and apprentices, from bac pro to BTS. We also work with vocational high schools. In this way, we train the younger generation in the trades of the metal industry.

All our employees are regularly offered training courses so that we can all look to the future with confidence.de nos collaborateurs se voit régulièrement proposer des formations afin de se tourner tous ensemble sereinement vers le futur.

Géraldine Dubois is a member of the board of the Groupe des Industries Métallurgiques and participates in the PMI Commission for the exchange of best practices.

Environmental commitments :

Supported by ADEME and the Seine-et-Marne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we carried out an energy audit in 2023 and implemented the necessary measures to reduce our carbon footprint.