Zero Gauss Chamber

Zero Gauss chamber

A Zero-Gauss chamber is a cylinder closed at the ends and composed of several layers of high magnetic permeability materials (Mumetal® or Permimphy®), within which static and/or low-frequency (<1kHz) magnetic fields are extremely weak. These Zero-Gauss chambers are widely used in research and industry (e.g. Gaussmeter calibration). Attenuation factors are of the order of 1000 to 1500.


Our models

Our Zero-Gauss chambers are composed of three layers of Mumetal®, 1.0 mm thick, and an outer layer of pure iron, 2.0 mm thick. Most of the attenuation is due to the presence of Mumetal®, which has excellent magnetic permeability for medium and weak magnetic fields (earth’s magnetic field). The pure iron protects the inner layers of Mumetal® exposed to medium and strong magnetic fields.


Impact of geometry

The attenuation factor is inversely proportional to the inside diameter of the Zero-Gauss chamber. We therefore recommend selecting the smallest possible diameter for your application. The inside length should be two to three times the inside diameter to provide optimum working space. The thickness of Mumetal® is 1.0mm, but can be increased to 2.0mm for larger diameters to improve the attenuation factor.


Zero Gauss ChamberInside diameterInterior heightAdditional layer Pure iron
ZG-050-150-3Φ50 mm150 mmwithout
ZG-050-150-3FΦ50 mm150 mmwith
ZG-100-300-3Φ100 mm300 mmwithout
ZG-100-300-3FΦ100 mm300 mmwith
ZG-150-450-3Φ150 mm450 mmwithout
ZG-150-450-3FΦ150 mm450 mmwith
ZG-200-600-3Φ200 mm600 mmwithout
ZG-200-600-3FΦ200 mm600 mmwith
ZG-300-900-3Φ300 mm900 mmwithout
ZG-300-900-3FΦ300 mm900 mmwith
ZG-450-1350-3Φ450 mm1350 mmwithout
ZG-450-1350-3FΦ450 mm1350 mmwith
ZG-600-1800-3Φ600 mm1800 mmwithout
ZG-600-1800-3FΦ600 mm1800 mmwith
ZG-900-2700-3Φ900 mm2700 mmwithout
ZG-900-2700-3FΦ900 mm2700 mmwith

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We also design Zero-Gauss chambers based on your dimensional and practical constraints (holes, access, openings).