Mumetal® / Permimphy® vacuum chambers

Soudupin develops and manufactures vacuum or ultra-high vacuum chambers made of Mumetal® (high magnetic permeability) and stainless steel flanges type 304L, 316L or 316LN (low magnetic permeability). Mumetal vacuum chambers are widely used in electron microscopy (XPS/UPS chamber), which is particularly sensitive to static and low-frequency magnetic fields. Increasing chamber thickness and length improves magnetic shielding performance.

Our vacuum chambers are assembled using sealed TIG welding. During the various manufacturing phases (rolling, welding, leveling, etc.), magnetic properties are largely degraded. To ensure the best possible shielding performance, all our non-magnetic vacuum chambers are heat-treated for maximum permeability at the end of the manufacturing process.

For any vacuum enclosure project in Mumetal, stainless steel or aluminum, don’t hesitate to contact us.