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Designer and manufacturer of magnetic shielded room




1986 – First magnetic shielded room for I.P.G.P. Jussieu

Conception and manufacturing in collaboration with I.P.G.P. (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) of the first magentic shielded room made of 3 layers (mumetal). Surface of 46m². Ateliers Soudupin develop a method to keep a magnetic continuity between all the layers in order to achieve the best attenuation factor.

1987 – Magnetic shielded room C.N.R.S. / C.E.A. Gif-sur-Yvette

This chamber has been moved and extended several times (2000 et 2016).

1995 – Magnetic shielded room in Montpellie

Magnetic shielded room with a surface of 16m².

2003 – Magnetic shielded room including 6 layers Caen

This chamber is a revolution by its structure in aluminum and its number of layers and variety of materials. Attenuation factor in static is above 1500. Earth magnetic field of 46µT is reduced to below 30 nT at any point of the shielded room.

2010 – Magnetic shielded room I.P.G.P.

Conception and manufacturing of a new magnetic shielded room including 3 layers on a surface of 50m².

2017 – Move and extension of existing magnetic shielded room Saclay

Our customers trust our expertise and come back to us for any project which concern an existing magnetic shielded room, as a move or an extension.

The trust of our clients was earned by years of uninterrupted and intensive, but successful work, making our company a leader in magnetic shielding solutions.