Magnetic Shielded room (MSR)

Main references

2023 – Magnetic Shielded Rooms for Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

Production of several Magnetic Shielded Rooms for Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

2020-2022 – Design and production of 4 magnetic shields for SARAF cryomodules (CEA)

Design and manufacture, in collaboration with CEA SACLAY, of 4 magnetic shields (2 tonnes of Permimphy®).

2017 – Relocation and extension of a Magnetic Shielded Room in Saclay

Our customers have confidence in our expertise, and don’t hesitate to come back to us when they need to move or expand. Our presence in the market for over 30 years makes Soudupin a European leader in magnetic shielded room.

2010 – Magnetic Shielded Room on new I.P.G.P. site

Design and manufacture of a new 50m² triple-layer magnetic shielded room.

2003 – 6-layer Magnetic Shielded Room in Caen, France

This magnetic shielded rooms revolutionizes the field thanks to its tubular aluminum structure and the number of different layers and materials used. It offers an attenuation factor of over 1500 in static fields. The earth’s magnetic field of 46µT is attenuated to < 30 nT at any point in the chamber. It also incorporates materials for shielding medium-frequency magnetic waves (~10-1000KHz).

1995 – Magnetic Shielded Room at Montpellier University

16m² multi-layer magnetic shielded room

1987 – Magnetic Shielded Room at C.N.R.S. / C.E.A. in Gif-sur-Yvette

This multi-layer chamber, built on the same base as the previous one, will be enlarged several times (2000 and 2016). In 2017, Ateliers Soudupin will take part in the relocation of this chamber to a new building on the Saclay plateau.

1986 – First Magnetic Shielded Room for the I.P.G.P. at Jussieu

Design and manufacture in collaboration with the I.P.G.P. (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) of the first triple-layer magnetic shielded room with a surface area of 46m². Ateliers Soudupin develops a methodology to ensure optimal magnetic continuity of the shielding, thus contributing to optimized attenuation.

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Our Magnetic Shielded Rooms are used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Particle physics research. Magnetic Shielded Rooms (MSR) are used to create a low magnetic field environment for particle physics experiments, such as neutrino research or dark matter detection.
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG). Magnetic Shielded Room create a low-magnetic-field environment for measuring the brain’s electromagnetic activity with greater precision.
  • Magnetocardiography (MCG). Magnetic Shielded Room create a low magnetic field environment for highly sensitive measurement of the heart’s electromagnetic activity.
  • Study of geological magnetoresistance. Magnetic Shielded Rooms are used to measure magnetic variations in rocks and minerals, enabling the study of geological history.
  • Studying magnetic materials. Magnetic Shielded Room provide a controlled environment for studying the magnetic properties of materials, such as magnetostriction or magnetoresistance.


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