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Our Story

1958 – Ateliers Soudupin is founded at Rosny sous-bois (93)

Mr. Edouard André Dubois founds Ateliers Soudupin and develop its first activity in welding spot, widely used in aeronautic: Caravelle, Mirage IV.

1966 – The company moves to Montereau-Fault-Yonne (77)

Fine sheet metal activity is developped.

1970 – Ateliers Soudupin manufactures its first magnetic shields

Ateliers Soudupin manufactures for Thomson its first magnetic shield in mumetal including heat treament for maximum permeability. In order to offer fast answers to his customer, Ateliers Soudupin makes up a full stock of mumetal and acquire a furnace.

1979 – Ateliers Soudupin exports magnetic shields all over the world

From Europe to New Caledonia, Ateliers Soudupin solves magnetic interference problems (Secondary Emission Microcscopy, MRI, Cathod-ray tubes…).

1986 – Ateliers Soudupin expands its facility

900m² of new offices and workspace dedicaded to production. The same year, Ateliers Soudupin manufacture its first magnetic shielded room for I.P.G.P. (Earth Physics Institute of Paris)

1993 – Mr Gérard Dubois takes over the company

Ateliers Soudupin becomes an expert in precision and magnetic shielding and becomes a reference in the manufacturing of custom pipes / tubes in stainless steels.

2003 – Design and manufacturing of a 6 layers magnetic shielded room in Caen

This chamber is a revolution by its structure in aluminum and its number of layers and variety of materials. The attenuation factor reaches more than 1500 in static. The earth’s magnetic fields of 46µT is reduced to below 30nT at any point of the shielded room.

2016 – Mrs Géraldine Dubois et Mr Vincent Marchebout, both engineers, join the company

They focus on process omptimization and propose assistance in conception of metal sheet parts and magnetic shields.

2018 – Soudupin won a business award called TP’UP 2018 offered by Ile de France region to the most competitive and innovating companies

Ateliers Soudupin invest, with State aid, in a new fiber laser cutting machine capable to cut metal sheets with high precision. This makes our compagny even more competitive and more able to develop Research and Development.

With 60 years of experience in Precision Sheet Metal and Magnetic Shielding, Ateliers Soudupin is the right company to provide you the best solutions in terms of quality, timely delivery, and cost.