Our Story

1958 – Creation of Ateliers Soudupin in Rosny sous-bois (93)

Edouard André Dubois founds Ateliers Soudupin and develops his first activities in spot welding, widely used in aeronautics: Caravelle, Mirage IV.

1966 – Soudupin moves to Montereau-Fault-Yonne (77)

Creation of a 900m² workshop and development of the fine sheet metal activity.

1970 – Soudupin produces its first magnetic shields

The Thomson Group entrusts Soudupin with the manufacture of Mumetal magnetic shielding with maximum permeability heat treatment. To guarantee a rapid solution for its customers, Ateliers Soudupin builds up a complete stock of Mumétal and equips its first heat treatment furnace to provide a complete and rapid service.

1979 – Soudupin exports its magnetic shielding internationally

From Europe to New Caledonia, Soudupin solves the problems of magnetic interference that disrupt the operation of electronic equipment (Scanning Electron Microscope, MRI, CRT screens, etc.).

1986 – Soudupin expands its premises by 900m².

900m² of office and production space are added to the existing 900 m². In the same year, Soudupin manufactures its first Magnetic Shielded Room (MSR) for the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (I.P.G.P.).

1993 – Gérard Dubois takes over the company

Soudupin specializes in its core business: precision and magnetic shielding. Soudupin becomes a benchmark in the manufacture of precision stainless steel tubes, and equips itself with a TIG welding robot for spiral welding.

2003 – Design and manufacture of a 6-layer Magnetic Shielded Room (MSR) on an aluminum structure in Caen, France

This magnetic shielded room revolutionizes the field thanks to its tubular aluminum structure and the number of different layers and materials used. It offers an attenuation factor of over 1500 in static magnetic fields. The earth’s magnetic field of 46µT is attenuated to < 30 nT at any point in the chamber. It also incorporates materials for shielding medium-frequency magnetic waves (~10-1000KHz).luminium in Caen, France

2016 – Géraldine Dubois and Vincent Marchebout, both engineers, take over the management of Soudupin

This third-generation takeover confirms Soudupin as a French, family-owned, industrial company. Soudupin expands its export business and sets up a design office for magnetic shielding.

2018 – Laureate of the Paris region

Supported by Paris region, Soudupin is investing in a fiber laser cutting machine to boost its competitiveness in terms of lead times and R&D.

2022 – Soudupin completes manufacture of four magnetic shields for SARAF project cryomodules (CEA)

Soudupin produces 4 magnetic shields for the CEA, each measuring 4m50 x 1m10 h1m90 (500kg each).

2023 – Soudupin’s commitment to CSR

Aware of the environmental and societal issues at stake, Soudupin takes concrete action and obtains the GIM (UIMM) CSR Commitment Charter certificate.

2023 – Obtention de la certification qualité ISO 9001

To increase customer satisfaction, Soudupin obtains ISO 9001 certification.

2023 – Winner from the Paris region

For the second time, Soudupin has been named winner in the Paris region.

Supported by the Paris region, Soudupin is investing in several software packages and CNC production machines to increase and diversify its production capacity.

With over 60 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of magnetic shielding and fine sheet metal products, Soudupin is your best ally for meeting your needs in terms of Cost, Quality and Delivery.